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We have finally achieved the results promised. The Led Lighting Technology is now available - big energy savings and efficiency which it was meant achievements! Especially when used on Colorful Decor applications.

Our new system based on magnetic induction industrial lighting system - which can last up to 100,000 hours with the decay of the light intensity of only 2% in the first two years of its life.

Our CCTV security and video recording systems, provide excellent image quality in case of need, after an unexpected event, threatening - Become an essential way for personal protection from intruders. All Of these products are available in our Shop on line.

All Of these products are available in our Shop on line. For your benefit of the Web shop which offers various technological products and because we have no expenses related to a physical store, we can save on overheads, we are able to offer the very best prices possible.

After your purchase, if you simply have no time or if you are not sure how to do the job, We do offer as well a full installation service - just ask us for a job quotation.

Video security technology and  energy-saving lighting all in one - Your on line store

Video Security Technology and Induction Lighting


Self Ballast Induction Light

NVR-Network Recorder

4CH Mega piexl NVR Kit

PLD-Network Canera

4XZOOM, Full HD real-time

PLD-Network Wireless

2.8-12mm, Full HD real-time

Pipe Inspection System

Total Working Hours: 9

E26-COB-Spot Light

6w LED Chip: Epistar

7" Video Door Bell

Wireless Door Video System

Led Flex Neon Tube

Flexible Building Decor Light